Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My Short Story

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Free to Go

There once lived a strong powerful man named Henry Wolich, who was known for torturing slaves. As he was walking home form his office through the deserted streets of Will Town, Virginia,his heart raged with pain, and he stopped breathing. Running to find medical attention, he stumbled upon Phillimese Turner, a runaway slave, and motioned him to help. Philimese who was CPR accredited, followed all the steps he had learned from his firmer owner, and performed CPR successfully. As Phillimese helped Henry up, two underground police what was happening, and they simultaneously assumed that Turner was trying to choke him. The police ran towards Phillimese, and arrested him : due to alleged allegations of attempted murder, and running from his owner. Being stunned from what just happened, Henry could not testify Phillimese' case, because they were already gone. A week later Phillimese was put into court. It just so happens that the judges name was, Henry Wolich. Henry ran down from the chair, and gave Phillimese a big hug. The crowd was appalled, why would a pro-slavert fanatic, hug a slave. It was then when Henry told how Phillimese saved his life. Then pounding his mallet, Henry said with a loud voice, "I declare him innocent, and free to go."

PS: CPR didn't exist back then

Friday, August 27, 2010

My Sisters Graduation (late)

My sister driving home from her last day of School.

Brooke looks very happy on Graduation Day
The moment she walks down the aisle to get her diploma

Happy Graduation Brooke!
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I know it's like August, but here are some pictures of my sister Brooke, graduating from High School.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My Poem

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Hello. Today I wrote a 24 stanza poem, and I am here to share it with you. My poem is about how much I like biking.. Enjoy. Tell me what you think.

The Ode of Biking

Biking, Biking... Biking is a treat,
It requires a bike two arms and two feet,
Riding my bike up and down the street,
I realize my height, and how I'm 5 feet (tall).

Being passed by the smallest of girls,
and being passed by ladies wearing pearls,
being passed everywhere,
My shocking smallness giving people a scare.

I get home from my long thrilling ride,
only to jump in the ocean at high tide,
I get out of the water, and clean myself up,
only to see my swimsuits floating on top (of the water).

They look at me, and I look at them,
only to see private parts staring right at them,
running inside as fast as can be,
the whole beach is laughing, and teasing me.

I go inside and shut the blinds,
so all of the people don't know where to find,
that shockingly small, but...handsome fellow
hiding in my house named "Old Yellow"

I finally realized as that day passed,
short, tall, or average I'm not very fast,
but I am very thankful for what God gave me,
the nice green eyes, and as brown (hair) as can be.

PS: This story is fake
PPS: I'm 5 foot 2, and I am 13 years old (average size)

Name: BikeBlogs.com
Address: http://www.bikeblogs.com/

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Disney Vacation

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*Epcot was really fun. My favorite part was tasting coke from around the world.

*My favorite ride was probably Test Track. I rode it 3 times, but the second time I rode it, it broke down.

Epcot is probably one of my favorite places to visit at Disney World.

PS:I did not ride my bike while in Disney
PPS:I rode in a car
PPPS: I like writing PPPS

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Joy Ride

Hello people, I just wanted to tell you I went on a joy ride. Now you are probably wondering,"why the heck would you go for a joy ride, joy rides are stupid". Yes I know, joy rides are a little girly,(Im a boy) but it was fun riding and looking at beautiful scenery riding at a speed of 4mph hour. Who am I kidding? It was boring. It took me, and my group, 5 hours to ride 20 miles. Oh yeah, I was riding (at my 4 mph pace) and not paying attention and I went BAM. Right into a tree. There are a couple things I need to tell you. Trees are hard and mean. They dont move. And they blend in perfectly with their surroundings. After putting some band-aids on my eye, and riding the remaining 5 miles, I was quickly rushed to the Hospital. Well, if you call 5 hours of waiting quickly, then it was quick. It would only require 2 stitches, which for my normal accidents that's pretty good.

As you can see, I have stopped the Tour de Vanny thing. Frankly I was bored. So I will just blog about random things that happen to me. Please tell people about my blog, because I have no comments and no viewers. Thanks for listening (or reading.. its a blog so you probably read it). Bye.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Team Vanny (le tour) # 3

Hi. Sorry I couldn't post in like a month, I've been really busy. But I'm back. Ok it's time to get back in the tour mood.

"Push Harder," I said to Steven, who was 6th out of 56 people in the first time check, "You can do it." After Fabian Cancellera set out a time of 10:13, I new Steven couldn't do it. But he did cross the line in fairly good condition. It took him a little over 11 minutes to complete the 8.9 Kilometer prologue. After the race Steven said to me, "I'm already exhausted". This is not a good start for Steven.

"Come on man, you can do it", as Greg pushes closer to that first intermediate check. BAM. He did it, he had the best time so far. Now he needed to maintain his 5 second lead over Cancellera for 4 kilometers. " NO!" He didn't make. Cancellera had 10:13, and Greg had 10:14. NO YELLOW JERSEY BY ONLT 1 SECOND! But he still gave a good performance, and he says that he feels fine.

Here he comes, our team leader Richard Johnson, up to the starting gate. The clock hit zero, Richard was of to the races. He hit the check point in 70th out of 89 riders, not to good for our team captain. Richard said,"I will get the yellow jersey if it's the last thing I do. I just hope attempting to get the jersey isn't the last thing I do."

OUCH. Everyone said aloud, as they witnessed Hickory Smith crash on a slippery road. He was raining on and off in Rotterdam, so the rain mad the roads very slippery. " I'm alright, I'm alright," Hickory said as he crossed the finish line at a team low 13:37. I don't really care about prologue times very much, but that crash must have shaken Hickory up a little, because I never see him perform so badly.

Here comes our team sprinter, Bob Curret. Bob laid down a time of 11:08 to start out his TDF. Being only 55 seconds back of Cancellera, Bob was very happy. He said,"As long as I can can keep up with the leader, I will be in good shape. Out of the 135 riders that crossed through that point, Bob was in 16th place.

RAINED OUT. How could it be. Sorry but I will finish my other 4 riders tomorrow, apparently the prologue got rained out. Bye.