Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Team Vanny (le tour) #1

As you may note in my first post, I used team Radioshack as a professional cycling team. Well, I am going to "pretend"to make a real team, and be in the Tour de France. My team name is obviously team Vanny. I use that name, because my last name is Van Name. Next thing, riders. I need a team of 9 riders to enter the TDF. TO CALIFORNIA I COME. My scouter, Mike, has chosen three talents from Hollywood, Sacramento, and San Fransisco. Our first recruit is Steven Himfry. Himfry is a well known time-trialist, who can also bike mountain stages, and long stages as well. Steven is a 22 year old from Texas. He and his family moved from Texas to San Fransisco at age 9. Within a year after his move, he joined a -12 biking program. In his two years in that division, he won 6 out of 9 races. At age 13 he went to camp with the San Fransisco Discos. He only entered 5 races, but won them all. At age 15 he moved to a semi-pro cycling team in San Fransisco, and stayed there ever since. After winning a national time-trial, he attracted scouts form all over the world. But, he decided to choose us, Team Vanny.

Come back in 3 days for more of the Team Vanny (le tour) searies. Thank you. Bye.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Vanny World

There I was biking in my front yard when I noticed a noise. Beep Beep Beep, it was a truck, a big truck with what looked to be a logo on it. A logo that read Team Radio-shack (biking team). I thought to myself no way, why would team radioshack want to visit me. After all, I just cycle for fun, I'm not a competitive cyclists. As I thought about this matter, Johan Bruynell got out of the Radioshack truck, and walked over to me as to greet me. With him was a trek madone 6 series as a team radioshack version. He looked at me strangely as if I were to ride this bike. Me, a joy-rider, riding a madone 6 series? What? I barely ride my $100 bike, and now I am being ask to ride this $3000 + bike in front of Johan Bruynell. Well anyways, we talked for about 10 minutes and he told me if I could ride 5 miles uphill steep incline in 25 minutes, he would let me be on team radioshack. Of course I said that I will try, but I knew it would not turn out well. As a matter-of-fact I failed miserably. I did that 25 minute climb in around 45 minutes. Johan said I did great, but I knew he was just making me feel better. Than he got in his truck and drove off. Leaving me with a madone 6 series bike.

What if becoming a pro cycler was really like that. What team would you join? How well would perform? Would you be scared? Would you win a madone 6 series?
I don't know you need to answer them. But all I know is that being a joy-rider is perfectly fine with me.