Friday, July 2, 2010

Team Vanny (le tour) #2

Rider #2. In Hollywood, California we saw a young talent named Greg Rico. Greg is a 18 year old with not much history. Greg is a good friend of mine, and we've been cycling partners for around 5 years. I always joked how he could be a professional cyclist if he really tried. Now he has the chance.

Rider #3. Richard Johnson, a veteran cyclist from Sacramento, new that I was starting a new team, and told me he had raced for Gerlosteiner back in the day. In professional cycling, Richard has won 3 stages, and 1 stage race. His best finish is 119th in the Tour de France. He will make a great addition for our team, as long as he doesn't get hurt. At age 36, I named Richard our team leader.

Rider #4. TO VIRGINIA I GO. In Richmond, Virginia I meet a great man called Hickory Smith. Hickory is 25, and currently races for a semi-pros team. In his semi-pros career, he has won 9 stages, and 3 races. Although he has cycled for many years, he has never taken place in the TDF. He is 2 months two old to take place in the -25 rider classification.

Rider #5. I stayed in Virginia as I saw a wonderful sprinter named Bob Curret. Bob is known for his sprinting world-wide. He has won many stages from sprinting, and is very good at a 10km time-trial. At 29 he will be a great addition to our team. I have officially named Bob our team sprinter. He is our hope for the green jersey. He has never been on a pro cycling team before, but this will be a great experience for him.

Rider #6. BACK TO CALIFORNIA. Ok. I'm tired. But I am still energetic because I'm back in California. I meet Jesse Rent. Jesse is a 30 year old cyclist, who loves to ride his bike for fun. But now we are going to help make him ride his bike for winning. We gave him the opportunity to join our team if he could ride 40 kph at a 0% incline for 20 minutes. He passed that with flying colors. And now he has earned a place on our team.

Rider #7. I moved North East a little to Billings, Montana home of Levi Leipheimer to find my next rider. After scouter Mike, told me he was the best 20 year old he has ever seen, I had to let him on our team. After winning a continental tour race, he was a shoe in for a spot in our team. His name is Ford White.

Rider #8. We stayed in Montana to see a old veteran named Reno Stricker. Reno is a 39 year old from Belin, Montana and was currently on BMC racing. As a pro cyclist he has won 19 stages, and 4 races. He is a very good mountain cyclist. He is named the official team-mate to Richard Johnson.

Rider #9. Our toughest choice. Who to choose. It ends up we will head to Minnesota to choose our final cyclist. He is Jonathan Gosmore. A 23 year old rider form St. Paul, Minnesota. He is going to be a great contender, even though he has no paid cycling experience.

Our Team:
Steven Himfry ( 22 years old )
Greg Rico ( 18 years old )
Richard Johnson ( 36 years old ) Team Leader
Hickory Smith ( 25 years old )
Bob Curret ( 29 years old ) Team Sprinter
Jesse Rent ( 30 years old )
Ford White ( 20 years old )
Reno Stricker ( 39 years old ) Official Team- mate
Jonathan Gosmore ( 23 years old )


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