Thursday, August 5, 2010

Team Vanny (le tour) # 3

Hi. Sorry I couldn't post in like a month, I've been really busy. But I'm back. Ok it's time to get back in the tour mood.

"Push Harder," I said to Steven, who was 6th out of 56 people in the first time check, "You can do it." After Fabian Cancellera set out a time of 10:13, I new Steven couldn't do it. But he did cross the line in fairly good condition. It took him a little over 11 minutes to complete the 8.9 Kilometer prologue. After the race Steven said to me, "I'm already exhausted". This is not a good start for Steven.

"Come on man, you can do it", as Greg pushes closer to that first intermediate check. BAM. He did it, he had the best time so far. Now he needed to maintain his 5 second lead over Cancellera for 4 kilometers. " NO!" He didn't make. Cancellera had 10:13, and Greg had 10:14. NO YELLOW JERSEY BY ONLT 1 SECOND! But he still gave a good performance, and he says that he feels fine.

Here he comes, our team leader Richard Johnson, up to the starting gate. The clock hit zero, Richard was of to the races. He hit the check point in 70th out of 89 riders, not to good for our team captain. Richard said,"I will get the yellow jersey if it's the last thing I do. I just hope attempting to get the jersey isn't the last thing I do."

OUCH. Everyone said aloud, as they witnessed Hickory Smith crash on a slippery road. He was raining on and off in Rotterdam, so the rain mad the roads very slippery. " I'm alright, I'm alright," Hickory said as he crossed the finish line at a team low 13:37. I don't really care about prologue times very much, but that crash must have shaken Hickory up a little, because I never see him perform so badly.

Here comes our team sprinter, Bob Curret. Bob laid down a time of 11:08 to start out his TDF. Being only 55 seconds back of Cancellera, Bob was very happy. He said,"As long as I can can keep up with the leader, I will be in good shape. Out of the 135 riders that crossed through that point, Bob was in 16th place.

RAINED OUT. How could it be. Sorry but I will finish my other 4 riders tomorrow, apparently the prologue got rained out. Bye.

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