Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My Poem

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Hello. Today I wrote a 24 stanza poem, and I am here to share it with you. My poem is about how much I like biking.. Enjoy. Tell me what you think.

The Ode of Biking

Biking, Biking... Biking is a treat,
It requires a bike two arms and two feet,
Riding my bike up and down the street,
I realize my height, and how I'm 5 feet (tall).

Being passed by the smallest of girls,
and being passed by ladies wearing pearls,
being passed everywhere,
My shocking smallness giving people a scare.

I get home from my long thrilling ride,
only to jump in the ocean at high tide,
I get out of the water, and clean myself up,
only to see my swimsuits floating on top (of the water).

They look at me, and I look at them,
only to see private parts staring right at them,
running inside as fast as can be,
the whole beach is laughing, and teasing me.

I go inside and shut the blinds,
so all of the people don't know where to find,
that shockingly small, but...handsome fellow
hiding in my house named "Old Yellow"

I finally realized as that day passed,
short, tall, or average I'm not very fast,
but I am very thankful for what God gave me,
the nice green eyes, and as brown (hair) as can be.

PS: This story is fake
PPS: I'm 5 foot 2, and I am 13 years old (average size)

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