Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My Short Story

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Free to Go

There once lived a strong powerful man named Henry Wolich, who was known for torturing slaves. As he was walking home form his office through the deserted streets of Will Town, Virginia,his heart raged with pain, and he stopped breathing. Running to find medical attention, he stumbled upon Phillimese Turner, a runaway slave, and motioned him to help. Philimese who was CPR accredited, followed all the steps he had learned from his firmer owner, and performed CPR successfully. As Phillimese helped Henry up, two underground police what was happening, and they simultaneously assumed that Turner was trying to choke him. The police ran towards Phillimese, and arrested him : due to alleged allegations of attempted murder, and running from his owner. Being stunned from what just happened, Henry could not testify Phillimese' case, because they were already gone. A week later Phillimese was put into court. It just so happens that the judges name was, Henry Wolich. Henry ran down from the chair, and gave Phillimese a big hug. The crowd was appalled, why would a pro-slavert fanatic, hug a slave. It was then when Henry told how Phillimese saved his life. Then pounding his mallet, Henry said with a loud voice, "I declare him innocent, and free to go."

PS: CPR didn't exist back then

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