Sunday, September 12, 2010

First Day of Football = popcorn, soda, and best of all, no cycling

Now, You are probably confused by the title. It basically says, that I don't like to cycle. You are wrong, I love to cycle, but not on football day. I will now list everything that happened to me today, in a boring post, that you should not read. READ IT. Sorry, an emotional out-burst, on with the listing.

  • I woke up. It seems like a pretty logical thing to do on most days, except for Saturdays. (I honestly slept over 24 hours once)
  • I ate breakfast. I am a huge breakfast eater, so it's normal for me to eat breakfast. A LOT. And some how, I'm still short.
  • I went to Church. I am a Christian, so like every Sunday, I went to Church. BTW (by the way, for those who don't know that means. I just figured it out yesterday) I changed before I went to Church.
  • I ate Lunch. I ate a delicious lunch of beef and corn off the cob. I like to cut my corn off the cob, before I eat it.
  • I played Ping-pong. For those of you who don't know, I played ping-pong, semi-professionally. I won a tournament, and got payed for winning it. Today, I was playing against my dad in a friendly ( or not so friendly) match.
  • I, of course, watched some FOOTBALL. Here are some pics to prove it. Technically, I'm proving anything, since these are just some pics of my favorite players.
First, the football. You can't play unless you have a football.

Donald Driver, my favorite receiver.

Brett Favre is back, but a tough early schedule could complicate the Vikings' plans.

Brett Favre, my favorite QB.

Adrian Peterson, my favorite Running Back.

I hope you enjoyed my Pics. Because if you didn't I would be really upset. Just joking. I had an emotional out-burst again.... that happens a lot. BYE. You better comment or else I'm gonna kill you. Bye, I love you.

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