Tuesday, September 7, 2010

An Open letter to The Bike AD people


Things I don't get
  • The sign. What in the world does this sign mean.
  • "Even the Ads are an endurance event." I think they mean,"Even our ad is an endurance event. It's impossible to stay a wake reading our sign."
  • The bike being held in to the sign. Why is the bike hooked in to the sign? It would be so easy to mug that guy, even with the camera crew standing right there. Plus, it looks a little (or a lot) nerdy.
  • No one in Spitting Distance. As you can see, the other corner of the street, has over 100 people packed very tight together. And in this block, probably due to the camera crew, there is no one in sight. Why wouldn't there be people? After all, they're trying to make it look realistic.
  • The water bottle. Yes, I have to say, this Ad is so bad, that even the water bottle has its issues. First, the water, or Gatorade, hasn't been used. You cant tell me someone riding his bike for 8 days, hasn't had any drink. Plus, the drink, is on the ground. It's not excess-able, without having to stop pedaling.
Things I understand
  • The biker. I will have to say, Bike Ad People, that your cyclist, might actually be a cyclist. I don't see any jersey tan lines, but it's such a small picture. I also think his legs are a little to skinny to be a bicycler. But Hey! I'm a little to small.
  • The bike. Bike Ad People, thank you for at least making this man (who may or may not be a bicycler) ride a real bike. Unlike most things in this Ad, I must say, the bike is genuine.
  • The Helmet and the glove. I think the helmet might be in disguise as a glove. And possibly vice-versa. With that, I am not sure it's a real glove, or helmet. Normally, I wouldn't think anything about it, but with this ad, I have to look at everything, as if it were in disguise.
PS: My exercise machines are on the way. They should be here by Monday, but you never know with manufacturers. I should post within the next 5 days . Please Comment.

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