Monday, September 6, 2010

The Great Peanut Tour

The Great Peanu
t Tour
For a while now, I have known I was going to compete (or so i thought) in the Great Peanut Tours. It was yesterday when I realized, I would not be competing.

Why I am not competing
  • I'm not in shape. Yes, it's true. The short cyclist is not in shape. I haven't trained for a race in a long time. As you read, two posts ago, I just purchased some new workout machines. Maybe I will compete in other races net year.
  • I need to ride my bike more, before racing in a race. I only ride about 30 miles a week, at slow pace, I think I need to amp up my pace a little bit.
  • I don't want to fail. I look at results of cycling races, and I always feel bad for the person who is in last place. And I definitely, don't want that to be me. (If I raced, it probably would've been me )
  • I don't even have the right bike. Sure, I have bikes, but not the right type of bikes for the Grand Peanut.
See you later

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