Thursday, September 9, 2010

My Awsome, or not so Awesome Aero-dynamic Position

As you can tell by my aero dynamic position, it needs some work. This may be why I'm not very fast. Enjoy, unless you like me, if you like me feel bad for me.

So, I have been working on my dynamic position really hard. When I say hard, I mean 2 minutes a week. When I say 2 minutes a week, I mean 1 minute. With all of that said, I work on my "beast" position, for 1 minute a week. I'm good, aren't I.

I need a new bike. REALLY BAD. So, I have saved up some, not all, of my money, to buy a Gary Fisher Superfly.
as you can see here.

I also need to get a new pair of shoes. I wear a wimpy size 9, but my shoes are a size 8. You can view my new shoes. Which one do you think is mine.

The Shimano M086 Mountain biking shoes

SIDI Ergo 2 carbon: SIDI Men's Cycling
Pearl Izumi X-Alp Drift Cycling shoes .
Diadora Team Racer Cycling Shoes

You are probably wondering which one is my pair. I will tell you. This is my shoe.

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