Sunday, September 5, 2010

An Open letter to the Fat Cyclist (Elden Nelson)

A thing to say: I wanted to express my feelings, (not in a weird way) to Elden Nelson (A.K.A-Fatty). You might have heard of him through his blog. Can view here.
Elden is a nice guy, who I first meet (didn't really meet, more like saw) on a video on you-tube. I was inspired to write this blog because of him. Mostly I would just like to say thanks to Fatty.

The Good things about him
Elden has very many good characteristics. One being his sense of humor. He is one of the most funniest guys I've meet. He turns a boring note, into a comical comic (if that made sense). He is a great father. He takes care of his four kids with ease. OR NOT. The one thing that really got me, was that on the day Susan died (his wife), he posted about her death on the same day. If you read my last sentence, you would be quick to agree that Elden is a great husband.

The better things about him
  • He loves to BIKE. If you've ever read his blog, he posts a lot about his races. I mean he probably races in over 10 races a year.
  • He's a good biker(unlike me). In all of his races that I've seen, he has probably gotten in the top ten for his division every time.
  • His fatty gear. He has fatty socks, fatty shoes, fatty bike, fatty jersey, and a fatty water-bottle.
The Normal (oh so boring)
Through all of his glory, he is just a normal 44 year old father, who has wonderful kids. He lives a normal life (or semi-normal). And he wears normal shoes, except for the fatty part. He has job, he rides his bike, he has kids, he owns a blog, and he dislikes his age; all the signs of being a typical, normal,non-exciting, man. And if I haven't bored you enough, he likes to take photos without his shirt on (a real man look).(The picture below, is Fatty with his shirt off, hugely sun-burned)
All in all, Fatty is a good guy.

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